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Information Technology - St Joseph Parish

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Information Technology


The facility have (5) five virtual networks currently in place as follows:

DATA NETWORK – This is for the office network where centralized printers, computers, servers and other equipment’s are interconnected.

– This is for the phone system running voice over IP (VOIP) throughout the premises.

– This is for the video network for security purposes or for live streams during Food Bank distribution to boost public awareness and to encourage more sponsors.

– Internet hotspot has been provided throughout the premises like public hall, portable and the food bank building.  This is very useful for the different organizations within the parish to conduct meetings, presentations and discussions like CWL, Legion of Mary, and Knight of Columbus etc...  This will also boost teens to join the Life teen’s group as teens nowadays are pretty much hook up to the social media network wherever they are like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube etc..

- This is for device management purposes where all the network devices communicates and isolate it from other networks for remote changes, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Project Gallery

Name    : Ramil Lising

Position : Volunteer / Donor / Parishioner

Email    : admin@stjosephparishmission.org

Projects    :

  • Parish phone system using VoIP

  • IP Network System : Data ; Voice and Surveillance Systems

  • Parish Website / Online presence

Services   : Manages  the Parish phone, data and
                surveillance systems as well as other
                IT related issues.

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